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Class - Alpha

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Everyone is welcome.
Location: Riverside, MO

Class - Financial Peace University

Take charge or your finances, get out of debt and experience financial freedom Begins Tuesday, Feb. 5th.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Couples - Saylor

Couples studying the topic of practical life applications. This session we will be covering Thriving in Babylon to learn how to hear and apply faith in today's world.
Location: Parkville, MO

Everyone - Cogswell

If your favorite part of the day is the 5 minutes after you get your kid's to bed so you can sit on the couch before you start snoring.....then this might just be the group for you! Each week we intentionally carve out time to gather, eat a little something and learn more about what God is up to in Kansas City. We'd love to have you join us!
Location: Parkville, MO

Everyone - Rivers

Big Idea life group of 20's, 30's and 40's...mostly families but anyone is welcome to join the conversation! Come talk, laugh, cry, and pray with us!! Childcare available!!
Location: Kansas City, MO

Everyone - Van Kirk

Our group is truly for everyone. From 30's to Grandparents. We have empty nesters as well as some raising young children. Everyone is wanted and welcome.
Location: Weatherby Lake, MO

Everyone - Williamson

A small group for people who are ages 30 and up. We will discuss the weekend's message!
Location: Kansas City, MO

Everyone - Winfield

A small group for everyone! We will be going through a video series starting with one called "Live a better life".
Location: Parkville, MO

Family (Blended) - Tapp

Join us as we discuss the blessings and challenges of being a step family and support and encourage each other as we invite God into our journey. Childcare Available
Location: Kansas City, MO

Family - Gruber/Seilnacht

Whether you are new to Christianity or have followed Jesus for some time you will fit right in. We love authentic conversation, friendship, and eating dinner together. Dinner at 6pm followed by discussion at 6:45pm. Childcare available.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Family - Kaspar

Finding balance in the hustle and bustle as a busy family is something we are trying to figure out together. Making life a little easier join us for tacos before we start our study each week! Childcare available.
Location: Kansas CIty, MO

Men - Fox

Authentic sharing and challenging conversation for men at Parkville Coffee every Wednesday morning.

Men - Harman

A small group for Men that meets on Thursday mornings over a cup of coffee at the Friendly Bean.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Men - Moyes

Men's group. Challenging and intellectual discussion about faith.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Men - Nelson

Challenging and authentic discussion for men at Parkville Coffee.
Location: Parkville, MO

Support/Recovery - Foster/Adopt Support

1st Monday of every month support group for families that are involved in foster care and/or adoption.
Location: Riverside, MO

Support/Recovery - Life Recovery

A group designed to support and walk with those who have been in a relationship of co-dependency.
Location: Riverside, MO

Women - Handwork & Malone

"We are a group of women in their late twenties- early thirties. This semester we are studying the book "Finding I Am" by Lysa TerKeurst."
Location: Kansas City, MO

Women - Mary Carver

A small group for women to grow together using "it's all under control" by Jennifer Dukes Lee.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Women - McGivern

No time for a small group? What are you doing at 5:45am? Come on and join this women's group as we support and encourage one another in our faith journey.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Women - Moyes

A group of mom's of young children discussing the truth of God in order to grow in grace and truth.
Location: Parkville, MO

Young Adults - Botts

If you are looking for a group of young couples, this is it! We are a group for young couples looking to do life together and challenge each other in our faith as we figure this 'adulting' thing out.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Young Adults - Graham

College age/Young adults. Hanging out, talking about God and Jesus.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Young Adults - Townley

We are a group of young married couples currently studying the book of Romans.
Location: Kansas City, MO