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Matt Blaine fireside men's group

We'll get together midweek to connect, encourage, and challenge each other to grow.
Location: Shawnee, KS

Men - Fox

Authentic sharing and challenging conversation for men at Parkville Coffee every Wednesday morning.

Men - Harman

A small group for Men that meets on Thursday mornings over a cup of coffee at the Friendly Bean.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Men - Moyes

Men's group. Challenging and intellectual discussion about faith.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Men - Nelson

Challenging and authentic discussion for men at Parkville Coffee.
Location: Parkville, MO

Men's Fireside - Brookside

Men's group that meets 2nd Friday of every month.
Location: Kansas City, MO

Tyler Kent morning men's group

We'll hang at a coffee shop and talk life before we get the work day started.
Location: Shawnee, KS